Students with Professor Roland Smith



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Mary Ann Oppenheimer

I cannot be sure but I would bet that the person sitting next to Dr. Smith, whose blonde hair you can see, was my Class of 1967 friend, Peg (Margo) Rogers (now Carson).


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Freya Stewart

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Taylor Shaw

So good to see the images of students with Professor Roland Smith. These photographs tell a different story of the lives and activities involved in the college back in old times. These photographs hold the rich history of the college over the years. professional picture editing


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They were the students of sage junior college. They were under the guidance of Roland smith. He brings out useful information to the children. He used to carry out various academic activities in the college. Those students were known to be the favourite students of Roland smith. dc tours


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Students with Professor Roland Smith






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“Students with Professor Roland Smith,” The Sage Colleges Archives Photo Identification Project, accessed August 21, 2019,